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26th February 2021
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Inside Information Limited has many years of experience in the development and deployment of IT solutions covering everything from rapid response fixes of day to day problems to detailed structured solutions to complex and demanding corporate issues. We pride ourselves on our ability to regularly resolve problems where others have failed.

Our client list is populated with industry leaders, large and small, including: MOD, IBM, Unicef, BBC, Alldays PLC, Co-op, CBM, Camel and Meridian Television to name a few.

Latest Technology News (BBC)
MLM schemes in the UK: The 'cult-like' beauty businesses in your DMs Newsbeat hears from young women about their experiences working for multi-level marketing companies.
Posted: 26 February 2021 | 12:58 am - Click title for full story
Vintage technology: 'It sounds so much cleaner' Why do people like to use ancient personal organisers and music players?
Posted: 26 February 2021 | 12:08 am - Click title for full story
Amazon rainforest plots sold via Facebook Marketplace ads Protected land reserved for Brazil's indigenous communities is being traded on the social network.
Posted: 26 February 2021 | 12:04 am - Click title for full story
Explore the Cairngorms - in Minecraft The landscape has been recreated to help young people understand how to run a national park.
Posted: 25 February 2021 | 10:52 pm - Click title for full story
AI conquers challenge of 1980s platform games A computer program that can solve 1980s exploration games could help improve robot intelligence.
Posted: 25 February 2021 | 5:00 pm - Click title for full story
Bill Gates: Bitcoin not for me, says ex-Microsoft chief The billionaire said he preferred to invest in "companies that make products" such as vaccines.
Posted: 25 February 2021 | 4:53 pm - Click title for full story
Drought hits Taiwan chip supply as Biden asks for more Taiwan is one of the world's largest manufacturers of chips and the US wants it to speed up production.
Posted: 25 February 2021 | 3:53 pm - Click title for full story
Fake emails sent to MPs totally unacceptable - Lindsay Hoyle The Commons Speaker hits out after an academic study tries to test MPs' responses to constituents.
Posted: 25 February 2021 | 2:25 pm - Click title for full story
Npower app attack exposed customers' bank details The energy provider, owned by Eon, reports a breach to the UK's data watchdog.
Posted: 25 February 2021 | 12:35 pm - Click title for full story
Facebook and Google news law passed in Australia The world-first law is passed after robust negotiations between the government, Facebook and Google.
Posted: 25 February 2021 | 12:33 pm - Click title for full story
Pokemon Go players banned for cheating More than 5 million players have been punished for cheating, with 20% being permanent bans.
Posted: 25 February 2021 | 10:00 am - Click title for full story
'My campaign outperformed non-disabled influencers' Disabled influencer Pippa Stacey says "brands are beginning to see our value".
Posted: 25 February 2021 | 12:08 am - Click title for full story
UK 4G smartphone owners may be due £480m payout Some 29 million people in the UK could be entitled to up to £30 back on Apple or Samsung smartphones.
Posted: 25 February 2021 | 12:03 am - Click title for full story
Clubhouse: What is it and how do you get invited? The new social-media app has already attracted huge names - and been banned in several countries.
Posted: 24 February 2021 | 8:20 am - Click title for full story
BBC Micro at 40: How it inspired a generation of coders Launched in the 1980s the Computer Literacy Project helped people understand the world of computing.
Posted: 24 February 2021 | 6:39 am - Click title for full story
Dating apps scam committed by criminal from inside prison A recently reformed criminal shares how he ran romance scams to serve as a warning to others.
Posted: 23 February 2021 | 12:24 am - Click title for full story
Church of England vicar ‘games for God’ A London vicar says he was "called by God" to create the virtual 'Church of Chat'.
Posted: 23 February 2021 | 12:06 am - Click title for full story
What a stem cell ‘reboot’ technique could mean for us? is working on a method to produce any type of cell in industrial quantities.
Posted: 22 February 2021 | 6:19 am - Click title for full story
What happened to Anthem? The blockbuster game that failed to find a community BBC Sounds podcast Press X to Continue looks at what went wrong with the gaming flop Anthem.
Posted: 16 February 2021 | 6:21 am - Click title for full story
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